Solar Panel Roof Shingles

What in the world are solar panel roof shingles? That’s the question that runs through your mind when you first hear of this increasingly popular roofing solution that embraces the green trend that’s sweeping the world. Green energy solutions that save money on energy costs are the darling of homeowners worldwide, and builders are rising to the occasion. Using technological solutions to incorporate solar panels into roof shingles, they are turning roofing into a green revolution that will change the building world!

Solar panel roof shingles are a technical marvel. Not only are they stronger and more durable, but they are also attractive and aesthetic while providing energy and cost-saving advantages that enhance their beauty in the eyes of a homeowner. Solar panel roof shingles are less noticeable as being solar panels, looking more like the regular shingles used in roofing. But they still provide solar energy for the household, saving a significant amount of home electricity bills. You also save on the installation costs of the solar panels as it gets done at the same time as your roof.

Research into solar panel roof shingles has grown at a hectic pace. Commercial versions of these roof shingles have only recently become available on the market. And they caught the attention of homeowners and contractors primarily due to their greater durability. Also, manufacturers have provided new mounting options making them easier to install. Integrating the solar panel roof shingles into a building’s electrical system also has been simplified from earlier versions.

There are some pros and cons to using solar panel shingles. The earlier versions were thicker and came in unique shapes. They had to all be installed close to each other for efficiency, making this element show up distinctly and making the roof ugly in appearance. The newer steel versions of solar panel roof shingles are sleek and thin. They can be placed anywhere on the roof, even slipped in between conventional shingles. That way they blend in with the roof’s design and don’t stick out glaringly. These shingles even are provided in a range of colors, making it possible to match them to the overall color theme of your building.

The installation of solar panel roof shingles has grown much simpler these days. Being similar in design to conventional shingles makes it possible for regular roofing contractors to install this kind of roofing. No unique training or experience is required, and this brings down the cost of installation significantly.

One other benefit of the modified solar panel roof shingles is how the wiring for electrical systems is incorporated into the shingles. This means that the wires run within the roofing itself, and interconnections between panels can be done in the attic. Wires are practically invisible on the roof, making it attractive to look at.

To sum it all up, solar panel roof shingles are attractive to homeowners and roofing contractors alike because they are aesthetically appealing, durable, easy to install and provide cost savings by generating power for solar energy. While there are certainly some constraints to be overcome in their installation, and the relatively small danger of rain or melted ice seeping through the panel and lifting up the shingles from the roof, this is only of worry in specific areas like where high wind velocity can cause shingles to blow off. Heavy snowfall may also damage improperly fixed shingles.

Solar panel roof shingles are not as efficient as conventional solar panels but are reasonably effective at generating solar energy-driven electrical power for households and even small office buildings. The cost-saving that provides is what essentially makes these specialty shingles an economically viable choice for home roofing.